Negotiate Better Contracts Faster

All-in-one software for effective and efficient negotiation.


Streamline contract negotiation

Accelerate contract

Boost negotiation efficiency and avoid contract delays. Minimize time spent on routine administrative tasks. Streamline intra-party and cross-party communication and collaboration.

Achieve better quality contracts

Produce better negotiation outcomes using Parley Pro’s Consensus Building Workflow™. Decrease human errors. Improve your negotiation decisions.

Contract negotiation outcomes
Automated contract management

Improve control over contracting process

Use our workflow management tools for improved control over negotiations. Assign user roles. Gain complete visibility into the contract negotiation process and contract milestones.

Internal Review
  • All team members work on the same document. Comments and text suggestions are captured in interactive discussions.
  • The document is updated when consensus is reached.
No more deciphering multiple versions and redlines or searching emails for comments.
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Contract collaboration
Multi-party Negotiation
  • Negotiate with your counterparty on the same platform and on the same set of documents.
  • Capture your negotiation points and suggested text changes through discussions.
  • See open discussions prioritized across the entire contract and focus people’s attention on the key issues.
Make better decisions.
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Contract negotiation
Approval and eSignature
  • Our automated approval acquisition process obtains necessary approvals and moves the document into eSignature to complete the agreement.
  • No more checklists and chasing people for signatures.
Easy, safe and compliant.
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Contract approval
  • Use Parley Pro’s interactive dashboards to manage your negotiation and to track contract main milestones, including renewals.
  • The dashboards display current status and key performance indicators for your portfolio of contracts allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your negotiation process.
Never miss expiration and renewal dates.
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Contract management

Stop wasting time. Save money. Negotiate using Parley Pro.

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