Choosing Document Assembly Software

Choosing Document Assembly Software – “Not To Miss” Guide

In any business and organization, employers have always urged employees to work hard. But in the present day, we place more emphasis on finding ways to work smarter rather than harder. Automating your business processes will improve your workflow and save you time. One of the ways to do this is by using document assembly software.

The Main Characteristics of Document Assembly Software

Document assembly software has several characteristics that will improve the efficiency of your workplace. We have prepared a list of the main ones.

1. Faster Creation of Documents

Document assembly software will help you create documents at a much faster rate. Your employees will no longer have to create documents from scratch. This will enable them to invest valuable time elsewhere.

faster creation of documents via document assembly software

Essentially, work that you would normally do in a week may take just about 2 or 3 days. The remaining time can be diverted into more productive work.

2. Increased Profitability

Your business will become more profitable when you invest in document assembly. The faster rate at which your employees will be able to process documents means you will be able to handle more clients.

work with the document assembly software

Also, your expenses for printing materials and maintenance cost is significantly reduced. By simply using this software, you are optimizing multiple parts of your business.

3. Consistency

Document assembly software will give your company’s documents a structure. It provides a uniqueness that is unavailable in a system where each employee creates his or her documents separately.

Features of a Document Assembly Software

It is essential to note that all document assembly systems are not equal. Its features determine the effectiveness of a system. Below, you will find the most important features that your document assembly software should have.

1. Automated Merge Templates

Your automated document assembly should allow you to create a merge template from any type of document easily. For the merge, you should be able to pick several files or contracts as your data source.

Templates for your business documents

Also, you should be able to use the information on the case or contract record for the merge.

2. HotDocs Integration

There is a limit to what you can do with a merge template. More complex documents will require more power, and hence, you will need to integrate special software like HotDocs. HotDocs help you transform highly complex documents into smart templates. These templates will give your employees control over the data used in filling and generating customized documents. It provides more accuracy and compliance while reducing risks to the minimum.

3. Custom Fields

Your legal document assembly will need to support custom fields. This is because legal documents require much more information. Details like court dates and lease terms will be necessary for a legal document. The addition of custom fields will give you a sufficient file intake procedure for each type of file. Custom fields ensure that you have filled in the essential information on clients and cases.

4. Custom Field Mapping

Whenever you create or purchase a group of merge templates, you should be able to map a template’s fields to the fields you have in your system’s database. Rebuilding templates with new fields will be a waste of your valuable time.

5. Email Templates and Workflow Automation

The benefits provided by your automated document assembly software shouldn’t be restricted to your documents only. You should find it useful with your emails too.

workflow automation via document assembly software

Both law firms and businesses send information via email every day. The technology you make use of for your word merge templates is also applicable to your emails.

The document assembly software should allow you to generate merge templates that are sendable via email. Custom and standard fields must be accessible to the email template.  The email template should also have a workflow engine that will automatically attach it to an event or task and send it.

What Your Business Stands to Gain From Installing the Document Assembly Software

Your business stands to profit a lot from the installation of document assembly software. Assembly documentation will lead to a significant reduction in your expenses on documentation. The software also helps both businesses and law firms in eliminating the occurrence of losses that may arise as a result of human errors and document backlogs. Finally, it will make documentation faster and more accurate, making your business more time-efficient and well-optimized.

What Does It Reflect on Inner and Outer Business Processes?

Document automation will give you more peace of mind. All your important documents will be stored in the safety and security of the cloud. Also, your employees will become happier as their jobs will become less laborious.

document assembling process

To the outside world, your business will become much more organized and attractive. Even a small business enterprise with document assembly software is more prepared to compete for a larger market and take their business to the next level. Your clients will appreciate the convenience, speed, and accuracy of your services.

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