Roisin Noonan

Standardisation in the Legal Space: Why We Need It and How We Can Do It

The sheer volume of contracts that we are processing and the cost, time and effort involved in this was clearly disproportionate to the value they are adding or bringing, to anyone. 

In January 2021, Roisin Noonan, co-founder of the oneNDA initiative, put out a thought on LinkedIn: what if we all agreed to adopt one identical NDA template? How much time and money would businesses save if we all started from the same starting point? How much more satisfying would lawyers’ jobs be if we got rid of the mundane? 

The response was phenomenal and so in February 2021, she set up a simple website over a weekend and invited people to sign up to express their interest in driving forward an initiative to standardise the NDA. 

Her objective was to get 100 participants by the end of the month. She hit that number in 12 hours from launch. 

By the end of the month, 330 companies signed up and by July, when the oneNDA document was finalised, over 1,000 organisations who wanted to get involved in the movement. A variety of organisations, including some of the best law firms and in-house teams, globally expressed an interest to participate. 

In this webinar, Roisin will discuss why and how :

• Standardization is necessary for innovation in the legal space

• Legal language isn’t all that special 

• Lawyers can drastically improve their jobs and output if we simplified